Hi, welcome to the webpage of Eric Hullegie, here I keep track of the projects I am working on as a (footwear) designer. Currently based at the Converse World Headquarters in Boston working as footwear innovation designer.

Below is a short summary on where my projects derive from,

How can you change and redirect an existing process in order to change the products that are its outcome? How can you use existing processes for purposes they haven’t been designed for? That’s what matters to me. My focus is not on designing finished products or on mastering or applying known artisanal skills. Instead I concentrate on ways of production. By interfering with the proces of production I clear the ground for new results in terms of construction, the use of different techniques, materials and forms.

Today’s circumstances make it more necessary than ever to take a closer look at different possibilities with already existing means and resources. Changing and speeding up the application of new and conventional production processes play an important role in my work.

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